Wednesday, February 13, 2008

heartbroken party music continued!

That Camera Obscura song got me to thinking about my favorite heartbroken party songs. Yeah, it's El Perro del Mar's "Party". Not very original, I know, I know.

Speaking of El Perro del Mar, I got me a hold of a track from her newest album, From the Valley to the Stars. I guess this track is being officially released as a! The album will be out in Scandinavia at the end of the month. Here's "How Did We Forget?", in all its imeemey glory:


Tim said...

Geez None More Twee, that video makes me want to break up with you. In a good way. Srsly tho, her voice kind of gives me the willies. In a good way.

Margaret said...

Yeah, I guess this isn't very twee. Oh, well.

Tim said...

twee encompasses crushing heartbreak too. it can't be all candy hearts and sunshine.