Monday, February 11, 2008

hot lava!

Is this twee? I don't know. I kinda like it, though. Hot Lava are from Virginia. They make robotic computer-age beach party pop. A couple tracks I like:


Tim said...

dear Animal,

BEACH PARTY!?!? Dude, I am so totally there.

tim von zipper

Tim said...

That guy with the grimace? He's not invited.

Tim said...

damn, MKR. you are bringing it hard. nice job!

Margaret said...

Gee, I dunno. Thanks, Zip. Say, if you're going to the party, maybe we could do the Peanut Butter together?

I'm talking about the dance, you Goo Goo!

We should go over the whole imeem thing so you can post about your tweemo band. :)