Tuesday, February 19, 2008

never miss a chance to kiss me

So there's this amazing song that I play over and over all the time because it makes me feel like a million bucks every time I hear it. Mint Royale is the band, a middling Brit hop group who struck gold with this song. It's called Don't Falter and it's sung by the singer out of Kenickie, Lauren Laverne. The lyrics are pretty much about being saved by love, something I truly think is possible, and also hold one of my favorite pop lines ever; "when you're with me it's always summer." Simple, not really profound or amazing, but really, what else could you want from being in love. Here's the video. It's pretty darn cute and Laverne is a sweetie.

Big ups to Mike at Slumberland for hipping me to the video. Check his blog for random goodness: http://perfect.slumberlandrecords.com/


Margaret said...

This is sweet! You're pretty sweet, too.

You should ask Mike to do a link exchange!

Tim said...

I love supermarket hi-jinks.

Margaret said...

That's why I love this fake Jarritos commercial.

jj said...

oh i do so love that song! it never fails to make me happy. i'd never seen a video for it!