Monday, March 31, 2008

los campesinos! - death to los campesinos!

OMG! I am obsessed with how awesome this band is. I can't get enough. It's driving me crazy. I feel like I'm puking flowers and being gored by unicorns when I listen to this song. I guess they did too.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

montt mardié - highschool drama

Hey dudes - did you miss this amazing bit of twee soul from Montt Mardié when it came out a couple years ago? I love the insane falsetto and the huge hooks. Reminds me in a strange way of Dexy's but with one of the Chipmunks (maybe Theodore or Simon, but certainly not Alvin) on vocals.

And this simply has to be the twee-est Motown cover ever. I mean, Smokey Robinson is pretty darn precious but Mardié mows him down like a marshmallow shot from a cannon on this solo rendition of "I Second That Emotion".

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

these are songs we like right now

This is a post by Tim and Margaret. Both of us. These are songs we like right now.

mp3: California Snow Story: Suddenly Everything Happens

mp3: Vapnet: Håll Ihop (Med Jens Lekman)

mp3: Alzo & Udine: Something Going

mp3: Lullatone: The Bedtime Beatbox

Saturday, March 8, 2008

no kids on the block

We of None More Twee agree that No Kids are pretty darn cool, no kidding. No Kids sound like a bunch of funky, anthropomorphic owls. Well, at least that's what they sound like on this track. They sound like a walk through Stanley Park on a sunny day. They sound smart and cute and good.

mp3: No Kids -- For Halloween

Friday, March 7, 2008

tesco chainstore mascara

Tesco Chainstore Mascara have provided me with the soundtrack for my writers' blocky woes. This is yippee-skippy, "tongue-in-cheek powerpop" -- the kind of stuff that makes NMT's thoughts turn to springtime and love. Wait a powerpop ever not tongue-in-cheek? Hmmm...well, screw it. So what if this is nothing new? I dig it. All their songs are available for free on their MySpace site, including this little ditty.

those dancing days - those dancing days

This band has caused some dissent here at NMT headquarters. Are the Swedish teens too pretty & contrived (Margaret) or just the right amount of pretty & contrived (Tim)? Actually, I'm not really convinced that they are great but this song hits all the right notes of interesting production (dig that roller rink organ!!), icy cool vocals, and hooky Northern Soul meets twee pop songcraft. I bet it would sound amazing blasting out of huge speakers on indie pop dance night. What do the loyal None More Twee faithful (both of you) have to say?