Friday, March 7, 2008

those dancing days - those dancing days

This band has caused some dissent here at NMT headquarters. Are the Swedish teens too pretty & contrived (Margaret) or just the right amount of pretty & contrived (Tim)? Actually, I'm not really convinced that they are great but this song hits all the right notes of interesting production (dig that roller rink organ!!), icy cool vocals, and hooky Northern Soul meets twee pop songcraft. I bet it would sound amazing blasting out of huge speakers on indie pop dance night. What do the loyal None More Twee faithful (both of you) have to say?


Margaret said...

I like it in theory! But in practice, I do not. Sigh.

We can still be friends, though.

Margaret said...

ps: I dig the organ, too!!! hey oh!

Tim said...

whew! I'm glad. I was worried that it was a deal breaker.

Tim said...

yuk yuk yuk! yuck.

devok said...

Yeah, i think i'm feelin' it.
O, wait. I can't say that.
Depends on my mood i guess.
Wait, I can't say that either.

SWEDES! I can say that!

Margaret said...

we <3 swedes