Sunday, April 6, 2008

the brunettes: B-A-B-Y (a video, a song, and a mad lib)

I got sick and tired of grading papers and doing heel-cord stretches! So, naturally I found myself trolling the complex tangle of tubes that is the intertron. And what did I find? Well, for starters I found a nice video for B-A-B-Y, a song by our friends the Brunettes. I've also included an .mp3 of the tune for your listening pleasure. Because I'm good like that. That's why they call me Mr. Sugar.

Also, here's a Brunettes Mad Lib I just made. It's fun and educational! (I would like to thank Heather for providing the text. Thank you, Heather.)

The Brunettes feature the core duo of (occupation), vocalist, and (occupation) Jonathan Bree and (occupation) and vocalist Heather Mansfield, along with as many as eight (adjective) (plural noun) who help create the group's (adjective) wall of sound. The band's rotating membership includes (celebrity), (historical figure), and (historical figure).In 1998, Bree and Mansfield were (verb, infinitive) in different groups and (verb) when they (verb, past tense) a (noun) together; the Brunettes were born when the pair decided they'd like to (verb, present tense) on (adjective) but (adjective) pop inspired by (musical genre) and (musical genre). Later that year, the Brunettes' debut EP, (male name) Loves (female name), arrived. Though the band's first release arrived quickly, it took another four years for the band's (adjective) full-length, Holding (plural noun), Feeding (plural noun), to appear on (adjective) Chief Records. The charm of this (noun) and the Boy(occupation) EP, also (verb, past tense) in 2002, won the Brunettes a (adjective) (noun) in (country).

mp3: B-A-B-Y (Brunettes Against Bubblegum Youth)


Tim said...

yer mom lovez this video

Margaret said...

And your mom loves the video I made with her last night.