Thursday, April 3, 2008

carl newman: failsafe

"Failsafe" is a song by Carl Newman, and it has been recorded at least three times. It was recently covered by Vancouver's big-little-supergroup The Choir Practice, which is where I first heard it. And the New Pornographers recently put out a synth-tastic version of it (available, if I'm not mistaken, on their newest album). But my favorite version by a long shot is Carl's original version, recorded by CBC Radio 3 in 2004. It has a vulnerability and honesty the other versions can't quite match. I wasn't able to get a hold of an .mp3 (yet!), but I was lucky enough to find a copy of it (albeit in embedded player form) on CBC's site. And here it is.


Tim said...

It *is* on the nice but underwhelming Challengers. This is way better - I love the lonely trumpet and Carl's sweet singing. Bring on the solo career, hoss!

Margaret said...

I'm going to call Carl Newman "hoss" from now on.