Friday, November 14, 2008

the clientele - we could walk together

OMG - I love the Clientele. It's gloomy and rainy today, I'm totally stressed and it's looking like a long weekend coming up with nothing to do. One listen to this song and it's all okay for 2:28. I like the sentiment in this song too. In fact, this one goes out to Margaret.

Monday, November 3, 2008

love is all - wishing well

Are you as excited as I am that the new Love is All record called A Hundred Things Keep Me Up at Night is out next Tuesday (11/11)? I am stoked, psyched and generally all atwitter! I've heard it and it's 100% as good as Nine Tines That Same Song. A little cleaner but still as energetic and hooky. Thumbs up, five stars and hugs and kisses all around. I love this video for the bouncy as fuck "Wishing Well" - it makes me as happy as a clam.

This version of them playing the song in a train station is completely great too!

#16.1 Love Is All - Wishing Well from Handheld Shows on Vimeo