Monday, November 3, 2008

love is all - wishing well

Are you as excited as I am that the new Love is All record called A Hundred Things Keep Me Up at Night is out next Tuesday (11/11)? I am stoked, psyched and generally all atwitter! I've heard it and it's 100% as good as Nine Tines That Same Song. A little cleaner but still as energetic and hooky. Thumbs up, five stars and hugs and kisses all around. I love this video for the bouncy as fuck "Wishing Well" - it makes me as happy as a clam.

This version of them playing the song in a train station is completely great too!

#16.1 Love Is All - Wishing Well from Handheld Shows on Vimeo

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jj said...

so how happy am i that i watched this video this morning and then realized that they were playing tonight with the vivian girls, AND that my parents were in town and could watch the boys? thanks! it was a great show and we go to see some old friends.