Wednesday, December 24, 2008

jamz of 2008: the lodger - good old days

"Good Old Days" has the kind of sprightly and angular sound that Orange Juice pretty much invented back in 1980. The bright and peppy sound of the song is at direct odds with the sentiments of the lyrics which makes it perfect for dancing with tears in your eyes. It's one of the few OJ-inspired songs I would actually want to hear Edwyn sing, one of the few that doesn't make me want to instantly switch to listening to "Blue Boy" instead. The Lodger's album Life is Sweet is pretty good too.

Speaking of Edwyn this was one of the more heartwarming things I saw all year. The man himself and Roddy Frame performing "Blue Boy" in front of a crowd that sadly didn't include me.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

jamz of 2008: the school - let it slip

The School take the whole girl group revival thing and don't stink it up by pretending to actually be a girl group (hello, Pipettes!), instead they take the GG sound and give it some guts and punky perkiness. Plus vocalist Liz has a voice with plenty of melancholy soul and absolutely no annoying look how soulfully I can sing nonsense (hello, Duffy!). "Let it Slip" is brilliantly sad yet still perfectly danceable and reminds me of the Comet Gain (yes, them again - sorry) songs that Sara would sing. Hopefully plans are afoot for a full-length album in 2009 - I'm already saving a spot on my 2009 t-ten list for it.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

tim's top ten album jamz of 08

Hey, how'd you like to hear one song each from my favorite albums of 2008? Totally random order, totally awesome jamz.

Times New Viking – (My Head) from Rip It Off
Koushik – "Bright and Shining" from Out My Window
Serpentina – "Descalzos Por El Parque" from Planeando en tu Azotea
Cut Copy – "Eternity One Night Only" from In Ghost Colours
Grouper – "Heavy Water/I'd Rather Be Sleeping" from Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill
The Ettes - "I Get Mine" from Look at Life Again Soon
Minisnap – "Innocent" from Bounce Around
Love is All - "New Beginnings" from A Hundred Things Keep Me Up At Night
No Age - "Sleeper Hold" from Nouns
Los Campesinos! – "Sweet Dreams, Sweet Cheeks" from Hold On Now, Youngster…

Download them all here -
tim's tt album jamz of 2008

And come back later for Tim's TT Jamz of 08. Can't hardly wait, can you?

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

comet gain - love without lies

Comet Gain. Are they my favorite band? Yeah, sometimes. I like to take the rough with the smooch and that's the way they prefer to deliver the goods pretty much all the time. "Love Without Lies" is their new single and it features on their new album of new songs and old stray tracks. It's called Broken Record Prayers and it's going to be my soundtrack for the first half of 2009.