Tuesday, January 27, 2009

quick mix - sisters are forever

This quick mix goes out to all the ladies here tonight! We've been batting some pretty heavy theory around today at NMT (like kittens and a ball of yarn we are) but when it comes down to it, it's all about the music for me. Not the branding, the genre-fication or the marketing plan. None of that silly junk! It only matters that the singer and song join together perfectly in that amazing way that can melt you from a mile away. These singers and these songs do the trick quite nicely. I can almost feel my fingers for the first time all day even!

Bobby Baby - "Bobby"
Camera Obscura - "Last Song"
Aislers Set - "Long Division (Peel Session)"
Wendy & Bonnie - "You Keep Hanging Up on My Mind"
The Nightblooms - "Never Dream At All"
The Royalettes - "Blue Summer"
A Sunny Day In Glasgow - "Hugs & Kisses (Theme From A Sunny Day In Glasgow)"
El Perro Del Mar - "Somebody's Baby"

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

the songs that made me twee: nrbq - i want you bad

NRBQ is a very weird band and my feelings about them are complicated. Sometimes they bug me because they are so jazz-y and out to lunch, sometimes they leave me cold because they have chops. Geez, chops are the worst! Once in a great while though, they pull the most amazing sweetheart pop songs out of their wigs and it makes me think that they could have been one of the great pop bands ever if they had been content to stay away from the outer space jazz and down home boogie. "I Want You Bad" is the song that makes me love them, misgivings and all. The melody is so warm, the vocals so yearning and heartbreakingly open-hearted that even the very clever guitar solos don't spoil the party. I wish there was a video of them doing the song in their hairy, scary heyday of the mid-70's. The best I can do is to ask you to please listen to this song, it'll put a smile on your face and calm your midnight fever. It's working wonders for me right now...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

sweetheart mp3's: the motifs, mapc

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Please become a fan of the Motifs. I have a feeling that they need more listeners stateside. They sound like a gentle mish-mash of the Pastels, Birdie, the Owls, and the Charade. Something like that. Breezy Australian pop for frosty nights and summertime hearts:

(mp3) Diagonal -- The Motifs

(mp3) Tell Me More -- The Motifs

(mp3) Backwards -- The Motifs

My love for the Math and Physics Club is as pure as the driven snow. It is my contention that "April Showers" is one of their best songs ever. You'll have to visit the band's MySpace profile in order to hear it, however. Enjoy this stuff in the meantime:

(mp3) Darling Please Come Home -- Math and Physics Club

(mp3) Baby I'm Yours -- Math and Physics Club

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

betty and the werewolves - euston station

Betty and the Werewolves have got a lot going for them
Great band name. Great fashion sense. Great record label. Great song that makes me think of a cuddly Comet Gain or a brasher Lung Leg. In other words...pure awesmoeness! The video is pretty hott stuff too.