Tuesday, January 27, 2009

quick mix - sisters are forever

This quick mix goes out to all the ladies here tonight! We've been batting some pretty heavy theory around today at NMT (like kittens and a ball of yarn we are) but when it comes down to it, it's all about the music for me. Not the branding, the genre-fication or the marketing plan. None of that silly junk! It only matters that the singer and song join together perfectly in that amazing way that can melt you from a mile away. These singers and these songs do the trick quite nicely. I can almost feel my fingers for the first time all day even!

Bobby Baby - "Bobby"
Camera Obscura - "Last Song"
Aislers Set - "Long Division (Peel Session)"
Wendy & Bonnie - "You Keep Hanging Up on My Mind"
The Nightblooms - "Never Dream At All"
The Royalettes - "Blue Summer"
A Sunny Day In Glasgow - "Hugs & Kisses (Theme From A Sunny Day In Glasgow)"
El Perro Del Mar - "Somebody's Baby"

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