Tuesday, January 13, 2009

sweetheart mp3's: the motifs, mapc

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Please become a fan of the Motifs. I have a feeling that they need more listeners stateside. They sound like a gentle mish-mash of the Pastels, Birdie, the Owls, and the Charade. Something like that. Breezy Australian pop for frosty nights and summertime hearts:

(mp3) Diagonal -- The Motifs

(mp3) Tell Me More -- The Motifs

(mp3) Backwards -- The Motifs

My love for the Math and Physics Club is as pure as the driven snow. It is my contention that "April Showers" is one of their best songs ever. You'll have to visit the band's MySpace profile in order to hear it, however. Enjoy this stuff in the meantime:

(mp3) Darling Please Come Home -- Math and Physics Club

(mp3) Baby I'm Yours -- Math and Physics Club

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