Tuesday, August 17, 2010

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

the long hot summer mixtape

Summer isn't all fun and games. Just as many hearts are broken in the sunshine as in the gloom of winter, just as many dreams are dashed poolside as they are under leafless tree branches, the heat of the sun and the heaviness of the air can conspire to make you as filled with melancholy as bitter cold and knee trembling winds can for sure. Hitting the beach is hard with a heavy heart, I know. Actually I don't. I've been hitting the pool like a maniac all summer; riding bikes with no hands, frolicking in the fields, and generally running wild. I can't really relate to all this melancholy I just mixed up! But for those of you who are being weighed down by summertime and need to disappear somewhere a little sad for awhile....here are some songs that know how you feel. The synths, slowly pulsing drum machines, achingly sad vocals and downbeat words are cold comfort to help beat the heat.  Get the mix here.

The Style Council - "Long Hot Summer"
The Gist - "Love at First Sight"
Altered Images - "Love To Stay"
Roxy Music - "Same Old Scene"
Prefab Sprout - "We Let The Stars Go"
The Orchids - "Welcome to My Curious Heart"
The Go-Betweens - "Dive For Your Memory" (Live Radio Session)
It's a Musical - "Take Off Your T-Shirt"

Monday, June 21, 2010

the none more surf mixtape

Why are you fooling around reading this? Grab your board and hit the waves. I don't care how landlocked you are, I don't care how non-surfery you might be...oh, wait.....is that a girl in a bikini over there......uh, like I was saying....hit the damn beach or at least pretend! It's summer, you're young, and the waves are breaking somewhere, right? Here's some hot instros, laid back jams, and harmonious crooners to get you in the right state of mind for an endless summer. 

The Sunrays - "I Live For The Sun" 
The Safaris - "Kick Out" 
The City Surfers - "Beach Ball"  
The Rip Chords - "Big Wednesday"  
The Bobby Fuller Four - "Stringer"
Ronny & The Daytonas - "Beach Boy"  
The Fantastic Baggies - "When Surfer's Rule"  
Lloyd Thaxton - "Image Of A Surfer"  
The Pyramids - "Pyramid's Stomp"  
The Beach Boys - "Stoked"  
The Irridescents - "Swamp Surfer"  
The Sunsets - "My Little Beach Bunnie" 
The Honeys - "Shoot The Curl"
The Galaxies - "On The Beach"     
The Rotations - "Heavies" 

Catch a WAVE!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

crush band - the sonnets

Advice to the Sonnets. You wanna be a yacht rock band, get a yacht! Film a video in which you play tennis and are photographed on said yacht. So far, so good. Don't write tunes that sound like Style Council minus the jazzy meandering. Don't come over like a less-tricky Prefab Sprout. Don't incorporate the bouncing beat of Northern Soul and the energy of early Dexy's onto your excellent new single. For heaven's sake, don't sound like Orlando!! You'll end up far too interesting to be considered a snoozy yacht rock revival band.

Here's the band's first single:

Here's their new single:

Thursday, June 3, 2010

a break in the clouds: nmt's mixtape for june

Ever since the final notes of the NYC Popfest faded, I've been feeling kind of blue. Happy because I saw a bunch of great bands, met some great people and generally felt about as at home in a crowd as I ever will. I even think the NMT DJ set went pretty well. Dropping in "Xanadu" was the highlight for me, you can't get much twee-er than that! 

The only thing that's made me feel better is tracking down new music and discovering old stuff I slept on. Coming back to work and finding the excellent new Tender Trap album on my desk helped, so did listening to the Santa Maria (Maria from the Concretes solo project from a few years ago) disc I scored for a couple bucks at Other Music. Otherwise a bunch of reverb-y stuff, a great deep cut from the Allo Darlin' album (they were bonkers good at Popfest) and what might be White Shoes & the Couples Co.'s new single. If you're feeling it too, I hope this mix is like a little bit of sunshine or at least a break in the clouds...

Tender Trap - "Dansette, Dansette"
Allo Darlin'- "Woody Allen"  
Zipper - "Visions"
Santa Maria - "Every Time" 
The Young Sinclairs - "Up Against The Wall" 
Wild Nothing - "O, Lilac" 
Beach Fossils - "Vacation" 
Spectrals - "Keep Your Magic Out of My House"  
Blackhawks - "Indigo"
The Proper Ornaments - "Are You Going Blind?" 
White Shoes & The Couples Company - "Kampus Kemarau" 
Action Biker -" Smashing Time"

Get it HERE!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

my teenage stride!

Gee, these guys are pretty great. They were the surprise hit of Popfest for me. Sure they've been around for ages but that just makes me bummed for having slept on them. Sleeper, arise!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

gettin' ready, teen wolf style!!

Here's a bunch of May jams presented in the ever popular mixtape format. New tracks, upcoming jams, a hott remix...a nice little batch that's sorta like what you might hear if you come to the NYC Popfest and catch me,  Lil Tweezy, on the decks. I'm on Sunday for about an hour or so. Should be the highlight of everyone's weekend, right? Get the mix here!

Best Coast - "Far Away"
Tender Trap - "Girls With Guns"    
Chin Chin - "Love Song"   
Male Bonding - "Franklin"  
*Memphis - "You Supply The Roses"
Onward Chariots - "Seven Miles Away"  
Club 8 - "Shape Up!"   
Au Revoir Simone - "Only You Can Make You Happy (PUNCHES Remix)"   
Operator Please - "Back And Forth" 
The Books - "Beautiful People" 
Marsmobil - "Jane"  
The Liminanas - "I'm Dead" 
The Loves - "Sweet Sister Delia"   
Mittens - "Deer Park Mirage" 
*Memphis is James Kirk's post-Orange Juice band. I just dug up this song recently and it's such a lovely bit of pop music I just had to add it.   

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

good times, great oldies: shoegaze edition

Heavens above! The Charlottes were totally awesome. I totally forgot. Check "Liar" for proof and then see if you can track down the EP for maximum gazeage. (You can...)

Next up, Slowdive with "Alison." This song breaks my heart within the first 30 seconds, by the end I'm usually reduced to a puddle. These guys need to get on the reunion train, just so I can see them do this song super loud. I'll be the guy in the stripey shirt weeping...

We'll end this installment of GTGO with Moose and their total knock-out jam "Jack". These guys never got much respect from the gazers and I think it was because of their name. Not the best choice, lads. Anyway, they weren't this loud or drop dead brilliant for long. Their first couple EPs though, they could tear you to pieces. The guitar sound they get at the end of this song rivals anything K-Shields ever did.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

march tweeness minimix

I made this mix last week but forgot to post it. It's just a bunch of cool slamma jammas from March. Here's the 30-second breakdown on each team before the action starts:

Free Energy - "Light Love" (Total good time, half-shirt Rock & Roll swagger fronted by SM's little brah.)

The Apples In Stereo - "Dance Floor" (After 32 years in the biz, the Apples finally got around to updating Xanadu. Their upcoming album is going to surprise some people.)  

Club 8 - "My Pessimistic Heart" (Club 8 records always sound about the same. The People's Record sounds different. Very different, very West African and percussive. I think I like it alot.)

Love Is All - "Never Now" (Predictably great, insightful, and lovely sounds from Love is All's predictably great, insightful and lovely new LP.)    

Standard Fare - "Nuit Avec Une Ami" (These guys sound like Small Factory and Papas Fritas and the Wedding Present all mashed together. If you are old like me, these words might actually signify something amazing!) 

The Go Find - "It's Automatic" (It could have gone all NPR coffeetable but somehow it doesn't. Could be the synths, maybe it's just a hella good song.)  

Walter Schreifels - "Arthur Lee's Lullaby" (I could listen to good ol' Walter sing just about anything and I'd be thrilled, this is a nice folk pop tune with all the wit and warmth of a mid-period Dylan who didn't suck.)   

Meow Meow! - "I Wonder What Went Wrong" (Meow Meow!? Really?!? Who signed off on that? Too bad the name dooms them to a life of being written about by losers like me because they are actually quite good. They also sound like Small Factory and Papas Fritas - what the heck is going on!?)  

A Smile and a Ribbon - "Den Lille Havfrue" (Ultra-cute group with lots of ultra-cute songs. This one sounds like a lost Pet Clark single. Don't you love it when someone says "lost single"? It really makes it seem like there's something exclusive and wonderful going on. It's one of the tricks of the trade - feel free to use it sometime.)

Cults - "Most Wanted" (Actual music writers seems to think these guys are good. I threw them on here to make it seem like I knew what I was doing for a change. Their murky GG stylings are nice.)    

Get the mix here!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

malt shop melancholy: a 50s/60s tweepop mixtape

C86 was not the beginning of twee, Stephen Pastel wasn't the first guy to mumble into a microphone, and the Shop Assistants weren't the first semi-competent girl band to cause hearts to flutter. It goes back way further than that. Probably the first time a caveman did something like throw a rock at a dinosaur thereby causing all the female cavemen to ooh and aah, there was another guy sitting around in a sweater with too-long sleeves feeling melancholy because the girls didn't notice him. There must be some cave paintings of girls in Hepburn bangs too, a version of "Please Please Let Me Get What I Want" scored for sabertooth tiger bones and coconut shells, or maybe a caveman who used his record label's name for his surname. Jumping ahead to the late 1950s and early 60s, there was a whole bunch of ultra-twee pop music around. Mistakenly derided as the lamest period of rock & roll history by a succession of music critic fools and tools, a good look at what was really going on after the first wave of rock & roll washed out and before the Beatles came around to wreck everything, reveals a ton of brilliant and ridiculous malt shop pop. Sure, a lot of it may sound pretty vanilla on the surface, (and a lot of it is truly terrible) but if you spend anytime at all digging around, you'll find some great songs buried beneath the dust, songs filled with weirdness, heartbreak, and plenty of twee soul. I mean what could be more twee than eating a sad hamburger alone, crying bitter tears into your milkshake, right? (Poor Ricky.) No date from the prom, a lonely night spent waiting for a call,  a day spent under the spell of new love (doomed) with a dreamy boy preferably named Johnny...it's all pretty damn twee and pretty wonderful too. Please enjoy this small sampling of songs from the dawn of twee pop.

Earl Jean - "I'm Into Something"
The Four Coquettes - "Sparkle and Shine"     
The Georgettes - "Oh Tonight"      
Rick Nelson - "Fools Rush In"   
Andrea Carroll - "It Hurts To Be Sixteen"      
Shelley Fabares - "Telephone (Won't You Ring)"   
The Starlettes - "Please Ring My Phone"     
The Sensations - "Please Mr. Disc Jockey" 
Carole King - "Crying In The Rain"  
Del Shannon - "That's The Way Love Is" 
Gloria Dennis - "Richie"    
Paul Petersen - "Mama, Your Little Boy Fell"  
The Paris Sisters - "Be My Boy"  
The Everly Brothers - "Always It's You"

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

reasons to love nyc popfest: the wake

What good would a festival be without a reunion? I suppose you could try but no matter how amazing the bands all were, some joker would say "yeah, but why didn't they get so and so to do a reunion show". That joker may be reading these very words. Heck, he might even be writing them. I suppose when it was all over I would have lamented the lack of a Shop Assistants or Flatmates reunion. Ooh, wait!! Jesse Garon & the Desperadoes!! SOMEONE MAKE THAT HAPPEN!! Oh well...The Wake is pretty great though, and I'm super stoked to see them. They made some really good records for Sarah, they were weird and never compromised, they recorded for Factory, they are working on a new album! Sure, Bobby Gillespie was in the band for awhile but we won't hold that against them. I liked them best just as they were outgrowing their New Order fixation and heading in a poppier, lusher direction. The four tracks below come from their finest moment as a band, 1987's Something That No-One Else Could Bring ep on Factory. Factory 178 to be precise.

If they play any one of these songs, I'll be walking on air. If not, I'll be happy anyway. Let's just thank our lucky stars it's not a Cud reunion!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

reasons to love nyc popfest: amelia fletcher

Reason #9 why the NYC Popfest is going to be awesmoe this year is simple. Amelia Fletcher is going to be there with the Tender Trap. For longer than many of us would care to think about, Amelia has been the voice of indie pop. Whether as part of Talulah Gosh, singing backups for the Wedding Present, the Pooh Sticks and Hefner, or leading her own bands Marine Research, the Tender Trap and Heavenly, the band who (along with the Orchids) soundtracked many of my happiest moments in the early 90s, her voice, her image, her toughness and her unerring ability to craft great pop songs has been nothing short of inspirational. I saw her about six zillion years ago with the Pooh Sticks, singing backup, throwing candy to the crowd, and writing on Hue's chest with lipstick but this is the first time I'll be able to see her singing her own songs. I'll be the guy down front in the striped shirt and the moony expression....oh wait, that's surely no help at all! We'll all be down there dressed to cuddle, right guys? To celebrate Amelia's awesmoeness, I put together a little mix of a bunch of her finest moments. Stick around for the last track to experience Amelia's alternate universe attempt to become Kylie. Call me nuts but it may be the best thing she's ever done.

Heavenly - "Starshy" 
Talulah Gosh - "I Can't Get No Satisfaction (Thank God)"
Marine Research - "Parallel Horizontal"
Tender Trap - "Oh Katrina"
Heavenly - "Modestic"
Hefner - "Good Fruit"   
The Pooh Sticks - "Sweet Baby James"
Heavenly - "C Is The Heavenly Option"  
Heavenly - "Over And Over"  
The 6ths - "Looking for Love (in the Hall of Mirrors)"
The Tender Trap - "Talking Backwards"
Heavenly - "Nous Ne Sommes Pas Des Anges"  
Amelia Fletcher - "Wrap My Arms Around Him"

As a bonus here's the 12" mix of  "Can You Keep A Secret?", the other song from Amelia's spectacularly short career as a disco dolly.

Monday, March 1, 2010

nyc popfest 2010 - the embassy

Okay, we are totally stoked about the NYC Popfest this year.  Here's Reason #10. Though they don't get the same amount of hype other groups get, the Embassy are one of the finest Swedish synth pop bands around. They've been peddling their warmly synthetic update on the sound of the Field Mice for like a decade now and they will be a highlight of the weekend for sure! Here's a video from the their 2002 album Futile Crimes:

Here's their excellent single from 2009:
"You Tend to Forget."

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

none more twee winter warm up mix

When we're not busy being super ultra-twee here at NMT, we like to pretend we're disc jockeys. You know, those rad individuals in nite clubs who wear headphones, spin records and make the girls and boys go all wobbly with joy when they formulate a perfect mix. Kinda like Alan Freed or Corny Collins...oh, well maybe not that cool. And really it would never work out, I mean, what club would want a dj who starts off a set with Au Revoir Simone covering Rod Stewart and ends with a Murdermore remix of Kells? Only the best club of ever, right? Well, I may not be behind the decks with the lights flashing and bass bumping (pajamas, tiny computer speakers) but I can dream about it... This is an imaginary mix for a cold as ice night - hope it warms you up some.

Au Revoir Simone - "Young Turks" (The Disco Pusher Remix)
Cloetta Paris - "Already Missing You"
PNAU - "Baby" (Breakbot vs. PNAU)
Hellogoodbye - "Here (In Your Arms)" (Young Americans Remix)
Blake Lewis - "Heartbreak On Vinyl" (LA Riots Radio Edit)
The Requesters - "Step By Step" (New Kids On The Block Cover)
Tim & Jean - "Come Around"
Private - "My Secret Lover" (Lifelike Remix)
Justin Timberlake - "My Love" (Diplo Remix)
Bounce Camp = Let You Go" RMX
R. Kelly - "Bump n Grind" (Filthy Jerks Remix)


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

nmt's winter wonderjamz on ice

Who's ready for more great indie pop? I thought so. This year is picking up right where last year left off with all kinds of wonderful music. I'm particularly excited by the superduper sweetie pie sounds of the unfortunately named Allo Darlin' (pic. above), the dream-like feel of Pill Wonder's ballad, the lovely harmonies and soaring chorus of Sad Day for Puppets' (what is it with these awful names?) song, and the trio of shimmery, glittertwee dance tracks that close out the mix. The more eagle-eyed among you may recognize the one track that doesn't fit with the other fresh, new wonders. I just discovered the ramshackle goodness of Rough Bunnies very recently and wanted to toss them in there just in case you hadn't heard them yet. They're really good! Enjoy the mix and hold on tight because the rest of 2010 is going to be awesome!!

Veronica Falls - "Starry Eyes"  
The Drums - "I Felt Stupid"  
Allo Darlin' - "The Polaroid Song"  
The Berndt - "Hurried Feathers"  
Two Door Cinema Club - "Do You Want It All"  
French Kissing - "Oh Suzanne"  
Beach Fossils - "Daydream "  
The Girls at Dawn - "I'm Not Sad"  
Rough Bunnies - "Dance With Your Shadow"  
Fred Thomas - "Skeletons Join Hands"    
Warm Morning - "I'll Be Fine"  
Pill Wonder - "Restless"  
Sad Day for Puppets - "Again"  
Burning Hearts - "Night Animal"  
Cinnamon Chasers - "The World Is Yours"  
The Tremulance - "Fall In Love With Me, and I'll Have You Dancing The Rest Of Your Life"  
College feat Electric Youth - "A Real Hero (Paul Remix)"

Wonderjamz HERE!  

Friday, January 29, 2010

the bubblepunksoul dance party

Slumberland Records is one of our all time favorite labels here at NMT. Starting with Black Tambourine many, many years ago and going all the way up to the new groups like Pants Yell! and Brilliant Colors, they have been nothing less than a trademark of quality throughout their epic run. So imagine how cool it was when Mike asked me (well, more like said okay when I begged him) to contribute a podcast on their website. I spent months trying to get it just right and then in a fit of desperation just went wild and threw together a bunch my favorite bubblegum jams, novelty soul stompers and rockers of all stripes. (Of course, there's some Tommy Roe too.) Get the mix here!

Make sure you keep up with the label in 2010. There's all kinds of mad nonsense brewing, including a Black Tambourine reissue that looks and sounds truly beautiful. Also new records by the Lodger, Brown Recluse and a reissue of Chin Chin's Sound of the Westway album.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

slept-on bands of 2009: the very most

The Very Most are a group made up of six really friendly looking lads and lasses from Boise, Idaho who play some seriously catchy and sweet indie pop. Think Bicycles, Bikeride or a jumped up Ladybug Transistor for easy one-stop comparisons to get the ball rolling. They spent last year recording EPs for every season, one for spring, one for summer...you get the picture. Each one did a marvelous job of capturing the spirit and feel of the season - take a listen to this song for an instant jolt of that feeling you get on the first warm day of the spring.

"Today it Is Even Better"

The band and Irish pop label Indiecator have compiled all the EPs into a document that already looks like a serious contender for 2010 break-out status. Sleeper awaken and go pick up A Year With The Very Most for yourself!


Friday, January 22, 2010

tim's favorite album of the 2000's

Saturday Looks Good to Me - All Your Summer Songs

Everything else was in the race for second place,  because this album is far above anything else for me. I love the emotion that fills the songs like sunshine on a cool day, the Girl Group and Motown sounds that Fred (and Warren) seemingly conjured out of thin air, the range of voices and instruments that take the songs from joy to heartbreak and back. . It's really quite breathtaking and powerful. And a lot sadder than the group gets credit for. There's always the conception that they were a goodtime happy fun band and while there are elements of that going on, these songs cry real tears and spill real blood. I don't think I'm overstating it at all. Just take a listen to this tune and see if you can help getting choked up a bit.


Every song on the album has some meaning for me, some have even been the soundtrack to important moments in my life as corny as that sounds. And yeah, it's true that I've known Fred forever but this record stands apart from all that. It would be just as important to me as a record even if fred were the biggest asshole in town instead of the biggest sweetheart. Just to convince you, I'm going to spill a little secret. I was actually going to sing a track on the record but when the time came to do it, I fucked it up so badly that he had no choice but to ask someone else (Matthew Smith of Outrageous Cherry) to take my place. So really, I should hate Summer Songs out of spite as opposed to it being one of the records I would run back to save if my house was on fire. I wish I had a copy of me singing it because it's so bad, but here's Matt instead. He did a pretty good job...

"No Good With Secrets"

And now because you've listened to me ramble on and on, you get a little treat. Here's an alternate mix of the single most devastating track on the album

"All Our Summer Songs"

The rest of my top ten:
The Avalanches - Since I Left You
Jens Lekman - Oh You're So Silent Jens
J Dilla - Donuts
Bella - No One Will Know
Camera Obscura - Let's Get Out of This Country
Love is All - Nine Times The Same Song
The Exploding Hearts - Guitar Romantic
The Legends - Up Against the Legends
Daft Punk - Discovery

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

this will be our year! songs by gigi, burning hearts & sambassadeur

So I mentioned last time that 2010 was looking real good for us fans of indie pop, now I'd like to back that statement up with some concrete-solid proof. First of all we have Sambassadeur. Their new album European is out on Feb 24 and it's really good. Super smooth and glossy, but with a fragile tenderness underneath, I've already fallen pretty deeply in love with it. The first single "Days" has been out for awhile but thanks to Johan at Labrador, I have another song to share with you. Please listen to the lovely sounds of the band now and buy the record in a few weeks.

Sambassadeur - I Can Try

Next up, we have Burning Hearts. They were responsible for one of my favorite albums of last year Aboa Sleeping. I loved their mix of icy synth pop, warmly detached vocals and heartbreakingly sincere melodies, and listened to the record non-stop for about a month. I'm super stoked that they aren't just some fly-by-night project and have committed themselves to releasing more jams, especially when they are as nice as this one. I'm hardly one to advocate hard work and dedication but in this case, I make an exception. I want these guys to gut it out and get another album out this year. Forget your lives and loves, just make me happy!

Burning Hearts - Night Animal

This last song is almost too awesmoe to write about. See, Nick of No Kids along with producer Colin Stewart started up this project called Gigi (as in GG, short for Girl Group?) because they got ahold of an old reverb plate thinger and decided it would make sense to make an authentic sounding girl group-style record. They roped in a bunch of interesting people to sing like Owen Pallett, Mirah and Karl Blau, sort of like the 6ths but with no synthesizers and on a shoestring potato budget. So far so good, right? Well, hold on to something because I left off a name. There's no way to prepare you for the shock so I'll just spill it....ROSE MELBERG SINGING A GIRL GROUP SONG!!! This has been a dream of mine ever since Tiger Trap days and it's finally come true. I think it worked out really well too; great song, great performance. Rose is just a total sweetheart as usual and this time gives it a little more soul than you might expect! I'm going to be a pal and give you the song now, please do yourself a favor and get the whole record when it comes out on Jan 26. It's really good....

Gigi w/Rose Melberg - Alone at the Pier

Sunday, January 10, 2010

the twee pop soul of 2009, pt. III

Hey gang! Hope you're ready for one last mix of 2009 jams before we get cracking on what promises to be another brilliant year for indie pop. I've heard some stuff already that is going to knock your socks off! Though there's plenty of super twee stuff like Sea Lions (pic above - I hope they're doing a cover of "King Tut".) included, this mix is a little more wide-ranging than the last two, dipping into some noisier stuff as well as some disco-y jams, mostly from Sweden. I somehow managed to resist the urge to throw on a track from The-Dream's amazing album Love vs. Money. I mean, you should totally check it out if you love slick and smooth R&B with lots of weird harmonies and hooks, but it's not really very indie pop. Maybe I need to start an R&B blog I rarely post to....nah, one blog I rarely post to is enough, right? Anyway, please enoy this mix and stick around all year for the indie pop goodness.

The Crêpes - "What Else?"
Title Tracks - "Every Little Bit Hurts"
The Bicycles - "It's A Good Thing"
Sea Lions - "Good Feeling"
The Fresh & Onlys - "I'm Gonna Be Your Elevator"
Fergus & Geronimo - "Powerful Lovin'"
Spectrals - "Leave Me Be"
Strawberry Whiplash - Picture Perfect"
Cloetta Paris - "Cry Just A Little Bit"
jj - From Africa to Málaga
Au Revoir Simone - "Another Likely Story (Aeroplane Remix)"
We & Lisa - "I Am You"
The Sound Of Arrows - Into The Clouds
Air France - "GBG Belongs To Us"
Delorean - "Deli"
In Interview - "I Confess"  

mix it up here!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

crush bands of 2009 - arthur and martha

Arthur and Martha were a nice find this year. Their album Navigation is a poppy, synthtastic delight that probably should have made my 2009 Top 20 list. It definitely makes the hindsight Top 20. Arthur (not his real name) used to be in this band called Saloon, maybe you remember them. They were pretty good but stuck a little too close to the Stereolab formula of synth pop. With A&M, he and Martha (not her real name either) toss all the warmth and groove out the nearest window and turn up the AC full blast. The melodies are wrapped in chilly synths, the vocals are delivered with calm precision, and the beats are nicely robotic. More Human League, less Neu. More pop, less experimental. And though the surfaces are frozen, there is a robot heart beating underneath. Mine skipped a beat or two the first time I heard the album. Well, not really but kinda sorta. Buy the album at Happy Robots after you check out this excellent track: "Turn to Dust"