Friday, January 29, 2010

the bubblepunksoul dance party

Slumberland Records is one of our all time favorite labels here at NMT. Starting with Black Tambourine many, many years ago and going all the way up to the new groups like Pants Yell! and Brilliant Colors, they have been nothing less than a trademark of quality throughout their epic run. So imagine how cool it was when Mike asked me (well, more like said okay when I begged him) to contribute a podcast on their website. I spent months trying to get it just right and then in a fit of desperation just went wild and threw together a bunch my favorite bubblegum jams, novelty soul stompers and rockers of all stripes. (Of course, there's some Tommy Roe too.) Get the mix here!

Make sure you keep up with the label in 2010. There's all kinds of mad nonsense brewing, including a Black Tambourine reissue that looks and sounds truly beautiful. Also new records by the Lodger, Brown Recluse and a reissue of Chin Chin's Sound of the Westway album.


Ben said...

i really love your podcast! one of the best they've hosted in a while

Tim said...

thanks, ben. it was a lot of fun putting it together. i'll hopefully be doing another one soon. if you're going to the NYC Popfest, I'll be spinning records part of the day Sunday.