Tuesday, January 5, 2010

crush bands of 2009 - arthur and martha

Arthur and Martha were a nice find this year. Their album Navigation is a poppy, synthtastic delight that probably should have made my 2009 Top 20 list. It definitely makes the hindsight Top 20. Arthur (not his real name) used to be in this band called Saloon, maybe you remember them. They were pretty good but stuck a little too close to the Stereolab formula of synth pop. With A&M, he and Martha (not her real name either) toss all the warmth and groove out the nearest window and turn up the AC full blast. The melodies are wrapped in chilly synths, the vocals are delivered with calm precision, and the beats are nicely robotic. More Human League, less Neu. More pop, less experimental. And though the surfaces are frozen, there is a robot heart beating underneath. Mine skipped a beat or two the first time I heard the album. Well, not really but kinda sorta. Buy the album at Happy Robots after you check out this excellent track: "Turn to Dust"

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