Wednesday, January 13, 2010

this will be our year! songs by gigi, burning hearts & sambassadeur

So I mentioned last time that 2010 was looking real good for us fans of indie pop, now I'd like to back that statement up with some concrete-solid proof. First of all we have Sambassadeur. Their new album European is out on Feb 24 and it's really good. Super smooth and glossy, but with a fragile tenderness underneath, I've already fallen pretty deeply in love with it. The first single "Days" has been out for awhile but thanks to Johan at Labrador, I have another song to share with you. Please listen to the lovely sounds of the band now and buy the record in a few weeks.

Sambassadeur - I Can Try

Next up, we have Burning Hearts. They were responsible for one of my favorite albums of last year Aboa Sleeping. I loved their mix of icy synth pop, warmly detached vocals and heartbreakingly sincere melodies, and listened to the record non-stop for about a month. I'm super stoked that they aren't just some fly-by-night project and have committed themselves to releasing more jams, especially when they are as nice as this one. I'm hardly one to advocate hard work and dedication but in this case, I make an exception. I want these guys to gut it out and get another album out this year. Forget your lives and loves, just make me happy!

Burning Hearts - Night Animal

This last song is almost too awesmoe to write about. See, Nick of No Kids along with producer Colin Stewart started up this project called Gigi (as in GG, short for Girl Group?) because they got ahold of an old reverb plate thinger and decided it would make sense to make an authentic sounding girl group-style record. They roped in a bunch of interesting people to sing like Owen Pallett, Mirah and Karl Blau, sort of like the 6ths but with no synthesizers and on a shoestring potato budget. So far so good, right? Well, hold on to something because I left off a name. There's no way to prepare you for the shock so I'll just spill it....ROSE MELBERG SINGING A GIRL GROUP SONG!!! This has been a dream of mine ever since Tiger Trap days and it's finally come true. I think it worked out really well too; great song, great performance. Rose is just a total sweetheart as usual and this time gives it a little more soul than you might expect! I'm going to be a pal and give you the song now, please do yourself a favor and get the whole record when it comes out on Jan 26. It's really good....

Gigi w/Rose Melberg - Alone at the Pier

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