Tuesday, March 30, 2010

march tweeness minimix

I made this mix last week but forgot to post it. It's just a bunch of cool slamma jammas from March. Here's the 30-second breakdown on each team before the action starts:

Free Energy - "Light Love" (Total good time, half-shirt Rock & Roll swagger fronted by SM's little brah.)

The Apples In Stereo - "Dance Floor" (After 32 years in the biz, the Apples finally got around to updating Xanadu. Their upcoming album is going to surprise some people.)  

Club 8 - "My Pessimistic Heart" (Club 8 records always sound about the same. The People's Record sounds different. Very different, very West African and percussive. I think I like it alot.)

Love Is All - "Never Now" (Predictably great, insightful, and lovely sounds from Love is All's predictably great, insightful and lovely new LP.)    

Standard Fare - "Nuit Avec Une Ami" (These guys sound like Small Factory and Papas Fritas and the Wedding Present all mashed together. If you are old like me, these words might actually signify something amazing!) 

The Go Find - "It's Automatic" (It could have gone all NPR coffeetable but somehow it doesn't. Could be the synths, maybe it's just a hella good song.)  

Walter Schreifels - "Arthur Lee's Lullaby" (I could listen to good ol' Walter sing just about anything and I'd be thrilled, this is a nice folk pop tune with all the wit and warmth of a mid-period Dylan who didn't suck.)   

Meow Meow! - "I Wonder What Went Wrong" (Meow Meow!? Really?!? Who signed off on that? Too bad the name dooms them to a life of being written about by losers like me because they are actually quite good. They also sound like Small Factory and Papas Fritas - what the heck is going on!?)  

A Smile and a Ribbon - "Den Lille Havfrue" (Ultra-cute group with lots of ultra-cute songs. This one sounds like a lost Pet Clark single. Don't you love it when someone says "lost single"? It really makes it seem like there's something exclusive and wonderful going on. It's one of the tricks of the trade - feel free to use it sometime.)

Cults - "Most Wanted" (Actual music writers seems to think these guys are good. I threw them on here to make it seem like I knew what I was doing for a change. Their murky GG stylings are nice.)    

Get the mix here!

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