Wednesday, March 10, 2010

reasons to love nyc popfest: the wake

What good would a festival be without a reunion? I suppose you could try but no matter how amazing the bands all were, some joker would say "yeah, but why didn't they get so and so to do a reunion show". That joker may be reading these very words. Heck, he might even be writing them. I suppose when it was all over I would have lamented the lack of a Shop Assistants or Flatmates reunion. Ooh, wait!! Jesse Garon & the Desperadoes!! SOMEONE MAKE THAT HAPPEN!! Oh well...The Wake is pretty great though, and I'm super stoked to see them. They made some really good records for Sarah, they were weird and never compromised, they recorded for Factory, they are working on a new album! Sure, Bobby Gillespie was in the band for awhile but we won't hold that against them. I liked them best just as they were outgrowing their New Order fixation and heading in a poppier, lusher direction. The four tracks below come from their finest moment as a band, 1987's Something That No-One Else Could Bring ep on Factory. Factory 178 to be precise.

If they play any one of these songs, I'll be walking on air. If not, I'll be happy anyway. Let's just thank our lucky stars it's not a Cud reunion!

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