Wednesday, April 28, 2010

good times, great oldies: shoegaze edition

Heavens above! The Charlottes were totally awesome. I totally forgot. Check "Liar" for proof and then see if you can track down the EP for maximum gazeage. (You can...)

Next up, Slowdive with "Alison." This song breaks my heart within the first 30 seconds, by the end I'm usually reduced to a puddle. These guys need to get on the reunion train, just so I can see them do this song super loud. I'll be the guy in the stripey shirt weeping...

We'll end this installment of GTGO with Moose and their total knock-out jam "Jack". These guys never got much respect from the gazers and I think it was because of their name. Not the best choice, lads. Anyway, they weren't this loud or drop dead brilliant for long. Their first couple EPs though, they could tear you to pieces. The guitar sound they get at the end of this song rivals anything K-Shields ever did.

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