Monday, May 17, 2010

gettin' ready, teen wolf style!!

Here's a bunch of May jams presented in the ever popular mixtape format. New tracks, upcoming jams, a hott remix...a nice little batch that's sorta like what you might hear if you come to the NYC Popfest and catch me,  Lil Tweezy, on the decks. I'm on Sunday for about an hour or so. Should be the highlight of everyone's weekend, right? Get the mix here!

Best Coast - "Far Away"
Tender Trap - "Girls With Guns"    
Chin Chin - "Love Song"   
Male Bonding - "Franklin"  
*Memphis - "You Supply The Roses"
Onward Chariots - "Seven Miles Away"  
Club 8 - "Shape Up!"   
Au Revoir Simone - "Only You Can Make You Happy (PUNCHES Remix)"   
Operator Please - "Back And Forth" 
The Books - "Beautiful People" 
Marsmobil - "Jane"  
The Liminanas - "I'm Dead" 
The Loves - "Sweet Sister Delia"   
Mittens - "Deer Park Mirage" 
*Memphis is James Kirk's post-Orange Juice band. I just dug up this song recently and it's such a lovely bit of pop music I just had to add it.   

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Conrad said...

Really liking this, and I'm not even half-way through.