Monday, June 21, 2010

the none more surf mixtape

Why are you fooling around reading this? Grab your board and hit the waves. I don't care how landlocked you are, I don't care how non-surfery you might be...oh, that a girl in a bikini over there......uh, like I was saying....hit the damn beach or at least pretend! It's summer, you're young, and the waves are breaking somewhere, right? Here's some hot instros, laid back jams, and harmonious crooners to get you in the right state of mind for an endless summer. 

The Sunrays - "I Live For The Sun" 
The Safaris - "Kick Out" 
The City Surfers - "Beach Ball"  
The Rip Chords - "Big Wednesday"  
The Bobby Fuller Four - "Stringer"
Ronny & The Daytonas - "Beach Boy"  
The Fantastic Baggies - "When Surfer's Rule"  
Lloyd Thaxton - "Image Of A Surfer"  
The Pyramids - "Pyramid's Stomp"  
The Beach Boys - "Stoked"  
The Irridescents - "Swamp Surfer"  
The Sunsets - "My Little Beach Bunnie" 
The Honeys - "Shoot The Curl"
The Galaxies - "On The Beach"     
The Rotations - "Heavies" 

Catch a WAVE!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

crush band - the sonnets

Advice to the Sonnets. You wanna be a yacht rock band, get a yacht! Film a video in which you play tennis and are photographed on said yacht. So far, so good. Don't write tunes that sound like Style Council minus the jazzy meandering. Don't come over like a less-tricky Prefab Sprout. Don't incorporate the bouncing beat of Northern Soul and the energy of early Dexy's onto your excellent new single. For heaven's sake, don't sound like Orlando!! You'll end up far too interesting to be considered a snoozy yacht rock revival band.

Here's the band's first single:

Here's their new single:

Thursday, June 3, 2010

a break in the clouds: nmt's mixtape for june

Ever since the final notes of the NYC Popfest faded, I've been feeling kind of blue. Happy because I saw a bunch of great bands, met some great people and generally felt about as at home in a crowd as I ever will. I even think the NMT DJ set went pretty well. Dropping in "Xanadu" was the highlight for me, you can't get much twee-er than that! 

The only thing that's made me feel better is tracking down new music and discovering old stuff I slept on. Coming back to work and finding the excellent new Tender Trap album on my desk helped, so did listening to the Santa Maria (Maria from the Concretes solo project from a few years ago) disc I scored for a couple bucks at Other Music. Otherwise a bunch of reverb-y stuff, a great deep cut from the Allo Darlin' album (they were bonkers good at Popfest) and what might be White Shoes & the Couples Co.'s new single. If you're feeling it too, I hope this mix is like a little bit of sunshine or at least a break in the clouds...

Tender Trap - "Dansette, Dansette"
Allo Darlin'- "Woody Allen"  
Zipper - "Visions"
Santa Maria - "Every Time" 
The Young Sinclairs - "Up Against The Wall" 
Wild Nothing - "O, Lilac" 
Beach Fossils - "Vacation" 
Spectrals - "Keep Your Magic Out of My House"  
Blackhawks - "Indigo"
The Proper Ornaments - "Are You Going Blind?" 
White Shoes & The Couples Company - "Kampus Kemarau" 
Action Biker -" Smashing Time"

Get it HERE!