Thursday, June 17, 2010

crush band - the sonnets

Advice to the Sonnets. You wanna be a yacht rock band, get a yacht! Film a video in which you play tennis and are photographed on said yacht. So far, so good. Don't write tunes that sound like Style Council minus the jazzy meandering. Don't come over like a less-tricky Prefab Sprout. Don't incorporate the bouncing beat of Northern Soul and the energy of early Dexy's onto your excellent new single. For heaven's sake, don't sound like Orlando!! You'll end up far too interesting to be considered a snoozy yacht rock revival band.

Here's the band's first single:

Here's their new single:


The McFersons said...

Thanks for the tip. I love it. Dig this old 80s "pure pop" sound.
- Jayd

The McFersons said...
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