Wednesday, July 14, 2010

the long hot summer mixtape

Summer isn't all fun and games. Just as many hearts are broken in the sunshine as in the gloom of winter, just as many dreams are dashed poolside as they are under leafless tree branches, the heat of the sun and the heaviness of the air can conspire to make you as filled with melancholy as bitter cold and knee trembling winds can for sure. Hitting the beach is hard with a heavy heart, I know. Actually I don't. I've been hitting the pool like a maniac all summer; riding bikes with no hands, frolicking in the fields, and generally running wild. I can't really relate to all this melancholy I just mixed up! But for those of you who are being weighed down by summertime and need to disappear somewhere a little sad for are some songs that know how you feel. The synths, slowly pulsing drum machines, achingly sad vocals and downbeat words are cold comfort to help beat the heat.  Get the mix here.

The Style Council - "Long Hot Summer"
The Gist - "Love at First Sight"
Altered Images - "Love To Stay"
Roxy Music - "Same Old Scene"
Prefab Sprout - "We Let The Stars Go"
The Orchids - "Welcome to My Curious Heart"
The Go-Betweens - "Dive For Your Memory" (Live Radio Session)
It's a Musical - "Take Off Your T-Shirt"

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