Tuesday, January 26, 2010

slept-on bands of 2009: the very most

The Very Most are a group made up of six really friendly looking lads and lasses from Boise, Idaho who play some seriously catchy and sweet indie pop. Think Bicycles, Bikeride or a jumped up Ladybug Transistor for easy one-stop comparisons to get the ball rolling. They spent last year recording EPs for every season, one for spring, one for summer...you get the picture. Each one did a marvelous job of capturing the spirit and feel of the season - take a listen to this song for an instant jolt of that feeling you get on the first warm day of the spring.

"Today it Is Even Better"

The band and Irish pop label Indiecator have compiled all the EPs into a document that already looks like a serious contender for 2010 break-out status. Sleeper awaken and go pick up A Year With The Very Most for yourself!


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